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 Our desire is to transform hearts and lives
by enlightening and empowering.
There is POWER in PURPOSE!

  Driven by Design
There's no turning back!

 ​                                                     From The Forward Pressed Team  


To live a healthy and happier life,  it all begins with you.  You must heal the wounds of your past!  Get clarity for your present and live each day with passion in purpose.

We will provide you the tools to help you draw out and create your vision, believe in yourself, and pursue your dreams with intentional daily steps. We are your cheerleaders rooting for you because we know anything is possible for you, you are worthy and deserve your best!  So, make a commitment to yourself,  acknowledge your identity and unleash your greatness.

Warning, once you start living in your purpose, you can never go back to what was!  Your passion will fuel you, as you adventure out into your journey.

Your belief(s) will determine your life.  So, remove the negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones.  You cannot move forward positively until you heal and accept your life fully.  We must own our life, our past mistakes, failures, disappointments and decide we are worthy of better.  

"Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead."

Once you establish your new positive belief system, value, and purpose; do not negotiate or compromise it for anybody--not even yourself.  Surround yourself with like-minded positive people that support and inspire you to be better.   Trust your instinct!

Always give thanks!

If you fall or see yourself regressing, regroup and remember your purpose.  Learn to get out of your way and start designing your very own masterpiece.  Change your story and embrace your greatness!  

The pursuit of dreams, passions, purpose, and empowerment by creating your most magnificent artwork; your masterpiece! It begins with you living Intentionally, beyond limits or barriers to your greatest version of life ever! - Sparkles Summers

Our Message 

We live in a higher awareness and long for more than just getting by. It is a life worth living with meaning, where obstacles are no longer barriers but stepping stones to achieve greatness if we have determination and focus. We can no longer wear the labels or accept the message or the conditioning of the past; we refuse to accept limits.  We do not let past events or other's define us.   We no longer want to live accordingly to the expectations and desires of others or any notion that is not truly in line with producing a high-quality life.   We do not put our identity in a title because we are more than that.  We are limitless.

We are proactive, valued and know our worth.  All lives matter.  We are you and you is us!  We are one and in this world together as a team!

More than 22 Veterans a day commit suicide.

 Veterans Crisis Line 
1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, or text 838255 

We all play a role in suicide prevention.  

For more information and resources


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)