Forward Pressed a veteran-owned organization about personal growth, hope, and self-love.  We are a training and resource center for empowerment and personal growth.  We provide social services to help people take back control of their lives and to remove obstacles that block their destination.  In the future, we hope to provide paid academy training, workshops, and additional services to further meet the needs of our clients.

Established in February 2016, Forward Pressed has collaborated with DKS Faith Outreach to empower people to live beyond their limits and inspire service. The two entities will work together yet remain separate. Forward Pressed is designed to educate and inspire others to succeed in living a life of their dreams; helping people to find their way in their life, community, and the world. 


We are veterans, active military, authors, writers, mentors, photographer, teachers, minister, and coaches, who have set out to be a service to others.  We are People Helping People!  We are committed to inspiring others to take action to start living their dream life. We will show you how to change your perspective, achieve your full potential, and make a difference in your life, family, community, and the world. We are here to help guide you and stand with you when you feel alone, hurt, confused or just stuck.

Our outreach will provide an online presence, accountability partner, articles, resources, books, custom programs, workshops, and courses, not to exclude helping to assist with finding a one on one coach as needed with our company or affiliates. Our mission is guided by respect, openness, fairness, hard work and compassion. Our goal is to release you as a client as quickly as possible. Our service can be as needed, weekly, monthly, or up to one year. Our desire is to maintain a relationship and support for future services and values.

We want to inspire people to see their own greatness, by creating value, self-worth and promote healing in their lives, by giving people the tools to empower themselves. We help people:
• Recognize their passion and purpose in life
• Be sufficient and not dependent,
• Live a life with vision with clarity and integrity,
• Believe, love and accept themselves fully,
• Live an enlightened life and have better relationships,
• Rewrite their negative stories
• Be a positive light in the world

We believe that all people have a higher purpose in life to help one another. We believe the world will be a better place, if we all take steps to improve our quality of life, health, mindset and our relationships as a whole (whether it’s personal or business).

“Give a Man a Fish and You Feed Him for a Day; Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.” - unknown

We all need to encourage and inspire one another, “No man is an island."
Nobody is perfect or without fault.
We all have what we need – greatness is within us.  
It is never too late to change your life.
We all matter!
Start challenging yourself today and don’t be concerned with those who do not believe in you or who would discourage you.  Learn to encourage and motivate yourself.   Together, let us all empower and inspire others daily.  
"The time is now! 

Take control of your life and live it the way you were meant to.  
You got this!" - Sparkles  Summers
I Can; I Will; I HAVE! - Forward Pressed

Team Members

Hello and welcome, I am Jovan Komlenac, Executive Assistant, and Counselor

Under the direct supervision of the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Visionary Officer, I perform a broad range of office support,  activities, and operations back up.  I adore my job!

I have Master of Science degree in educational psychology. I specialize in the fields of psychotherapy, social inclusion, career guidance, conflict resolution, mediation, child development, learning strategies, and motivation. I have five years of experience as a counselor and teacher in with troubled and at-risk youth.

It is my privilege to be a part of the Forward Pressed team that helps others heal their wounds,  find their purpose, remove setbacks, find inner peace and strength.  I help people to continue their journey in personal development, empowerment and to live a better life.

Hi, I am Sparkles A. Summers, Founder, CVO, and Author.

 I am a Navy Chief mom and an Army veteran.  After having been retired for more than twenty-seven years,   I now spend my time as a Motivational and Purpose Writer and volunteer as much as possible.  My ministry is of healing, hope, and empowerment. My passion is helping Veterans, our Youth, and others.    I help guide people away from darkness and encourage them toward their transformational path to success.  I am a Certified Transformational Master Coach/Mentor with CBT, NLP, Mindfulness, Wellness and a Workshop Facilitator.    I am a published author of two self-help books and has put together a Purpose Journey Youth Program and WorkForce Readiness program/books.  I am a member of the Black Women Congress and Indo-US Chamber of Commerce.   

I love educating and inspiring and empowering others to succeed and to live the life of their dream.   

Hey you!  Yes, YOU!  Go for everything you ever dream of and do not lose sight of what you do have!    
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Everyone that ask for help does not necessarily want it; some have other motives. People change when they are motivated to take a real assessment of themselves and is mentally compelled to act.


 "Success to me is,

     Accepting myself fully and being my True Self,

           while living my Purpose Beyond Limits.

     The Time is Now,

           to create an intentional life

with passion and purpose."  - Sparkles Summers