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Recipes for Transformation
Was Not Going To Tell, But I Must!

We are so excited about our upcoming book release.

Recipes for Transformation (Workbook - Book 1) and Was Not Going To Tell, But I Must! (Bio-self-help - Book 2), was created to help people to transform their lives through self-discovery, healing, letting go, self-love, and purpose with faith.

 These books are for people who want to break cycles of abuse, limitation, label & inner wounds that cause unhealthy entanglements. Start living a life that aligned with your true self & purpose; Let go, reclaim your worth, set healthy boundaries, empower & self-love.

We desire to empower and build hope!

We believe you will gain a healthy perspective on life as you become aware of YOU and how loved and strong you are.  We covered many life issues in the books.  The books are designed to lift up, bring healing and give a different perspective on life with scriptures, quotes, and solutions.

We heard our books would leave you speechless, reflecting, sad, cry, laughing out loud and but most of all feeling "empowered." Our companion self-help transformation book and workbook will become available 2017. These books are for all sexes and ages.  Prepare to be enlightened, empowered, as you start your purpose journey where turning back is not an option and Forward Pressed!

Was Not Going To Tell is a testimony of how God is always there thru the trials, mistakes and in the lessons learned. These books are a testimony to God's love and Him showing up to show off. His promises are real, as well as His love for us!   

We want you to go on a purpose journey for yourself to taste and see how good God is for yourself. Your purpose is awaiting you, so invoke your Faith in Him and permit Him to work greatness in your lives.   

Attention:  There is an unfortunate delay in publishing books due to price is 65.00 for both books.  This pricing is too steep to our mission.
The pricing was not in either of our best interest!   A loss!

Stand with us in praying and fasting that the Lord will bind anything that is hindering our mission and lose his powerful angels to restore and bless our mission.   We ask that the Lord will put a shield of protection around us and our ministry and those who are standing with us in prayer.  In Jesus name.

Though not releasing our books as we originally set out, is a setback for us, our mission will go on!

Update:  We have a lower price for our books.  The challenge has been a learning experience that was well worth any difficulties!  New skills have been acquired!   :-)

Our new books with new covers.  See our Mission Edition cover to right ==>

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Behind the Scene
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Do not be surprised by the mission God has for you.  He will equip you and send people in your life to help you.   

God Loves YOU!   You are important to Him!   You are powerful!

Believe, Vision, have Faith and Take Action!  You Got This!
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.  - Proverbs 3:5-6  (KJV)

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. -  Philippians 4:13  (KJV)
Though the enemy will come to destroy, God will raise up a standard against them! Be not afraid; you are not alone in Him!