Founder, CVO, Author, Facilitator, and Mentor
Hi, I am Sparkles A Summers, Founder, CVO, and Author.

I am a Navy Chief mom and an Army veteran.  After having been retired for more than twenty-seven years,   I now spend my time as a Motivational and Purpose Writer and volunteer as much as possible.  My ministry is of healing, hope, and empowerment. My passion is helping Veterans, our Youth, and others.    I help guide people away from darkness and encourage them toward their transformational path to success.  I am a Certified Transformational Master Coach/Mentor with CBT, NLP, Mindfulness, Wellness and a Workshop Facilitator.    I am a published author of two self-help books and has put together a Purpose Journey Youth Program and WorkForce Readiness program/books. 

In July 2016 I became a Certified Master Coach/Mentor and Workshop Facilitator.   As a Master Certified Facilitator, I was able to build our transformational plan to help others, and I am presently writing the books for Forward Pressed Signature Program within the DKS Faith Outreach Ministries.  I have already gone through all our programs myself.  

As a workshop facilitator, I specialize in designing programs which focus on living your best life daily, with passion and purpose; business start-up and growth plans, and anything that is within our knowledge and expertise.  We will focus on Mindset, programs, books, and coaching, helping others to change their perceptions and go beyond limitations. Our goal is to help people learn new patterns of thinking and to look at things differently.  This includes helping them to remain aligned with their goals and purpose.      We will be building a Designing You as you define yourself course.    

Our vision is to build a well-rounded team focused on Purpose Journey, Mentoring, Style, Business, workshops and more! Our coaching team has various skills and is always evolving; their listed specialty does not limit their many abilities.  Jovan is a teacher and is working the Purpose Journey Youth and WorkForce Readiness Program overseas.                                                                                                                                                                 
Our Forward Pressed Signature Program, which was created to help myself, veterans and others, has released 2 of our 4 book series in 2017; Recipes for Transformation and Was Not Going to Tell is our first released.  Presently we are finetuning our Purpose Journey Youth Program and another book for 2018-2019.  Our goals are to complete the Forward Pressed book 4 book series based on our Signature Program in 2019-2020.  Forward Pressed is also looking forward to other books, programs, and events.   

My passion has always been helping others and being creative. Throughout my life, my faith has sustained me, and I want to share what the Lord is leading me to write about and to do.  
I have always believed my life had a purpose. I discovered my true passion and purpose, and ever since then, I have made it my goal to pass on that passion, faith, and purpose to the world around me, teaching people how to design a dream-life beyond limits.  I have my struggles in life; I also have more victories; my purpose journey has far exceeded my expectation.  I am solely depended on God daily.

We believe that when we recognize who we are, and when we know our true worth, we can no longer accept mediocrity; we will then be in alignment to work our purpose.    There is greatness inside of every one of us, waiting to be released. Let's rewrite our life story, become more motivated and determined to live a fulfilling life. 

I love educating and inspiring and empowering others to succeed and to live the life of their dream.    I am crazy about my music, love movies and sitting by the water.   I believe in standing up for myself and do like spending time alone.  I love being behind the scene and allowing others to shine! 

In dealing with conflicts, it is hard for all parties and though someone will win, there is lost on all sides.  Ultimately, it is best when both parties can work quickly to provide a win-win situation respectfully. 

Dodging or ignoring a problem makes a situation worst and show disrespect for others.